Madison Trim Gas Fire

The Madison Trim Gas Fire has a clean flame burn which provides a customer with an impressively efficient flame, significantly less carbon and soot build up and vastly reduces fuel bed and glass cleaning.
All models can be installed into a conventional Class 1 chimney. If your chimney requires a lining, a 125mm diameter flue liner with a minimum length of 4 metres can be used. The picture shows the Madison as trim-less hole in the Wall option.

Maximum heat output : 4.5kW
Fuel bed: Logs
Control : Remote
Efficiency: High efficiency rating of 82%
Interior colour options : Black or Cream
Available as a trimless option, Panoramic trim or 4 sided trim
Trim Finish options Metal : Brass, Satin Brass, Chrome or Brushed steel
Panoramic trim options Powder coated: Black, Star Black Graphite, Star Graphite, Bronze, Textured Cream

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